Updating drivers in linux

19-Apr-2020 10:49

, which should include all driver updates that are currently installed on your system.Additional drivers provided by third-party update software are not listed in this output. If Red Hat ships a kernel errata update before the next release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, your system will continue to use the driver updates that you have installed.The PPA provides the following Nvidia Graphics Drivers versions: nvidia-361, nvidia-367, nvidia-370, nvidia-375 and nvidia-378.There are also older drivers, like nvidia-304 and nvidia-340 (but that's not why you are here, right?

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By default these options are respectively set to True and to False.

However, if it was not possible to include a particular driver, you will need to perform another driver update when you install the new version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

In this case, Red Hat or your hardware party vendor will inform you of the location of the update.

Many years ago, when I first began with Linux, installing applications and keeping a system up to date was not an easy feat.

In fact, if you wanted to tackle either task you were bound for the command line.

In most cases, Red Hat Enterprise Linux already includes drivers for the devices that make up your system.