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Some months later, in May 2002, I joined the Queen and Duke at the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

At that time, I wrote in my diary: "The Duke took part, winning the dressage heat in the carriage-driving competition.

You approach the cabin, it seems quite small, but on peering in are surprised to see that it’s furnished just like a little house! Find out more Covertcabin is the barmy brainchild of Bob and Diane Kirkwood.

There’s the woodburner purring away in the corner, a sweet little kitchen, there are cold beers in the fridge, neat showeroom – Who could be staying in a cabin like this? Back in 2004, we found ourselves the owners of a beautiful little lake and ruinous, half-cabin in a wood.

The following are characters who first appeared, or returned, in the BBC soap opera East Enders during 2010 listed by order of first appearance.

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I have been able to observe the Queen and the Duke at close range: watching the pair of them - two sharply contrasting characters, with wholly different natures, who are nonetheless, and undeniably, partners, allies, friends.

Santer introduced five new main characters in January, three from the online spin-off East Enders: E20 (Zsa Zsa Carter, Leon Small and Fatboy) as well as two members of the long-established Mitchell family, Glenda Mitchell and her son Danny.