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Eye of Leotheras now deals 6% of the target’s total health in damage (was 4%). New talent: Demonic Origins The cooldown of Metamorphosis is reduced by 2 minutes, and now lasts 15 seconds.While not in Metamorphosis, your damage is increased by 10%. er, husbanding the resources of the Crumbling Wastes. With that troublesome mountain giant out of the picture, we should have an easier time of exploi...Execute takes priority over any ability if in range. Until full gear WIld Combatant cruelty and Wld Gladiators cruelty rings are bis rings.

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They can also use different stances to affect how much damage they deal and receive and are defiantly a big step forward for RPG warriorkind. | |You donÂ’t need to buy water | | |Warriors can be any race | | ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- -------------- (2). This is very handy if the server|it properly | |lags |People generally want the tank to be | |Because you are gear heavy, you get |the highest level in the group. |means you often canÂ’t go to instances| |Warriors make excellent battleground |until you are 1-2 levels higher than | |twinks |the minimum.I imagine in Wo D alot of people will keep their eyes out for warriors using Col smash during their rotations, and the new Battle/Defence stance buff that is applied to kill Warriors 100/0 in stuns. Finally, although it's not Warrior based it's good to know healthstone's don't reset their CD unless you leave combat, if you're playing wls don't forget to leave combat for second to restart the cooldown.