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No word or thought anywhere, no suggestion that any Christian has ever paused for a moment to consider how a nonbeliever might feel, or what they might think, when they discover that their loved one has been dating for Jesus.

So I'm here to tell you what it feels like, from a nonbeliever's point of view.

” A classmate furrows his brow, as if trying to understand some antiquarian cultural rite. ” As a conservative Christian within a libertine college environment, I have heard variations of this same conversation played out numerous times; a liberal student invariably playing equal parts inquisitor and anthropologist, examining the quaint romantic practices of some conservative student.

It’s common to see two students making out in the lobby, or for a couple’s drunken argument to disturb the sleep of an entire floor.

The battle between good and evil will be won and lost not in the Supreme Court, but in human hearts. Leithart, in , wrote “The best argument for traditional marriage is a thriving traditional marriage.” All three major branches of Christianity (Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant) have historically understood sex as a gift that is only to be exercised within the boundaries of a covenantal marriage relationship: a permanent, exclusive, comprehensive union between believing, sexually complementary spouses, ordered towards charity and procreation.

Any individual who is not part of a covenantal marriage is called to chastity.

When it comes from an itinerant street preacher or a pair of missionaries knocking on your door, it's annoying.Notably, these questions—and the resultant conversations about Biblical sexuality—most often come from students who would never sit through a lecture on traditional marriage.In the wake of , these conversations will become doubly important.The information in this article appears to be suited for inclusion in a dictionary, and this article's topic meets Wiktionary's criteria for inclusion, has not been transwikied, and is not already represented.

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You like him and would like to date him, but you know what God wants you to do. And it doesn't sound like I need to spend much time reminding you what God says about Christians dating non-Christians. Secondly, talk to your youth pastor or some other Christian adult, preferably a male, and ask him to begin witnessing to this guy. God could be saving you from a lot of heartache and pain. And if it's not this guy after he gives his life to Christ, I suspect God has someone even more exciting for you.