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The Illinois legislation, for instance, would require public notice of the cameras. “Whether it would overcome HIPAA, which is federal law, that is obviously an unknown question.” Young says consent will also be a key legal question in any legislation allowing video cameras. The people who come in the room certainly don’t know that it’s there,” he says.

“Those warnings would overcome many of those concerns of notice, because then no one would have that expectation of privacy,” explains attorney Brad Young, partner with Harris Dowell Fisher and Harris L. “So in that situation, if there’s audio that’s being recorded, no participants to the conversation have given consent, and it would be pretty clear that would be a violation of federal wiretapping laws.” The Illinois measure does require consent of a resident and any roommate or their legal guardians.

The fact that the systems would be controlled over the Internet has also raised concerns about hackers.

What if sensitive, personal images involving a loved one’s care became public?Med Cottages or “Granny Pods” are an excellent solution for taking care of elderly family members.I am actually quite excited about having my loved ones close, but still in their own space.Since the age of 20, I had known that I would be the one to take care of my aunt when she got older. It has always been a stressful notion of what we are going to do once it is time to take care of her, with both of us being so independent, sharing our home was never an option while a nursing home also does not feel right.