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It was a hybrid of tube and solid state technology.

The preamps used the then burgeoning solid state "op-amp" integrated circuits embodying traditional Fender preamp time constants and architecture, while the power amps typically featured a Cathode Driven Tube power amp stage, much as were used in the radio broadcast industry in AM Transmitters.

Valco ceased manufacturing guitars in the late 1960s.

(Historical information provided by Tony Bacon, Electric Guitars: The Illustrated Encyclopedia; Model information from Montgomery Ward catalogs) This instrument was Montgomery Ward's top of the line electric solidbody guitar in the mid 60's.

I can offer more than your local music shop and help with transportation PART EXCHANGES I’m always happy to take in part exchanges.

The Music Man story began in 1971 when Forrest White and Tom Walker formed a company they would call Tri-Sonix, Inc (often incorrectly referred to as "Tri-Sonic").

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If you're looking for an easy to play guitar, the action doesn't get any lower than this baby. Click the link for a full description and feel free to email Martin Miranda directly at the address on the page. Hard to do it justice in the pics but the finish looks great, with tiny silver flake in it which gives the guitar a great appearance under stage lights. Rich Kerry King King V with Kahler Tremolo - EMG-KFK Upgrade, (front/back), (headstock), (Kahler).

Tom Walker approached Leo Fender about financial help in forming Tri-Sonix.