Dating custom shop les pauls

18-Jun-2020 15:02

they were persuaded instead to purchase a Wine Red Les Paul Custom, ...“I'd only played Les Pauls in the guitar shops, but something tipped me off, ...

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Because in my opinion they are the best high quality LP´s you can by today, without getting ruined.Originally the Epiphone models were made in the same factory as the Gibson guitars, by the same craftspeople using the same materials and often with the same features as Gibson models, but manufacturing of most of the Epiphone instruments was switched to Asia sometime around 1969.Today, Gibson primarily uses the Epiphone brand as their high value, lower priced overseas-built alternative to their top tier Gibson USA models.I have always been collecting, selling and buying guitars, and I have made a lot of mistakes buying and selling original Fender and Gibsons.

I have owned original 62 Stratocasters and an original 1959 sunburst Les Paul flametop.It also has the 30th Anniversary Abolone inlay on the headstock.Any info on deciphering the serials would be appreciated.Serial numbers show approximate date of manufacture.