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I have recently begun research on risk-taking, inequality, and the scale of competition within groups. Here is my keynote talk at the University of Toronto in 2012 (https:// This “scale of competition” creates incentives for spite, inequity aversion, and aggression, while simultaneously suppressing cooperation; after all, an organism will do poorly if it helps its direct competitor. Local competition sparks concern for fairness in the ultimatum game. Toronto: Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario. The burden of proof for a cultural group selection account. v=ih PMCY00Sn8) and my talk at TEDx Guelph U 2017 (https:// Detailed Research Interests and Publications I am primarily using experimental games from experimental economics to investigate the following areas. I have investigated how the scale of competition affects people’s tolerance for inequality, their willingness to harm others, and their cooperation within classrooms. 5) COGNITIVE MECHANISMS UNDERLYING COOPERATIVE EXCHANGE: how specific are these cognitive mechanisms, what other mechanisms are involved in social exchange, and what algorithms do they use? Enhanced recognition of defectors depends on their rarity. 6) INTERGROUP COMPETITION & GROUP THREATS: many theories predict that intragroup cooperation increases in the face of group threat.

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She explained that she never had an "imaginary friend," but she and her siblings grew up with an "imaginary dad." She added that she had trouble writing Father's Day cards in elementary school because it's hard to spell: "Jerk My Mom Is Currently Dating." Starting the show was Cas Knihnisky.

The allegations received widespread national media attention, and led to a series of protests in March and April 2012 in at least 27 Canadian cities.

April 29, 2012, was termed by protest organizers a "National Day Against Election Fraud." On April 24, 2014, Commissioner of Canada Elections Yves Cote issued a press release that stated, "the Commissioner has concluded that, following a thorough investigation by his Office, the evidence is not sufficient to provide reasonable grounds to believe that an offence was committed.

According to police, the woman had a plan to lure Hilarie in, check out his place and rob him with the help of three other people.

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Hilarie met a woman on POF and went out on a date on Aug. After their outing, the two went back to Hilarie’s place and he eventually dropped the woman at home.To do so, I typically use experimental cooperative games involving money (such as the well-known Prisoner's Dilemma and public goods games) where participants can make decisions that benefit themselves, others, or both. 4) SCALE OF COMPETITION: In some situations, organisms are in heavy competition with whoever they interact with (local competition). In addition, I use mathematical models (evolutionary game theory) to advance our theoretical understanding of cooperation. In other situations, any two interaction partners are not in direct competition with each other, but instead compete against the wider population (global competition). 7) MISCELLANEOUS COOPERATION: for topics and publications on cooperation that don’t fit cleanly into any of the above… I use an evolutionary psychological framework to generate hypotheses about altruism and human prosocial behavior.