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25-Jun-2020 20:01

The Power Couple will be safe from elimination and have the unprecedented advantage of casting the one and only vote for a team to face off against the worst in "The Dome." No more alliances. The two unlucky teams will battle it out in "The Dome" for survival. Some exes will struggle to deal with painful grudges and broken hearts that have never been mended.

And, for some, old feelings of love will be reignited.

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You do college tours and pop up at spring break events, or maybe get a gig co-hosting a local morning radio show.The stakes have never been this high, emotions have never been this raw, and the competition has never been this fierce, as these ex-lovers put their hearts on the line and battle for their share of the winnings.In the end, the teams that make it to the Finals will be sent to a shocking location 4,000 miles away where they will compete in one of the most epic finales in Challenge history -- and only one pair of former lovers will be crowned champions of Battle Of The Exes.On the surface, MTV reality stardom seems a pretty attractive deal.