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07-Aug-2020 16:51

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It used to be that taking a cock up your arse or down your throat was in itself a non-standard thing to do – so if you tried it and liked it, who knows what else you might like?This could explain the ‘try anything once’ mentality that exists on the UK gay scene.Electric current can be ‘shaped’ in a quite versatile way, ranging from gentle waves which can be a rather pleasant electric way to jerk off; to throbbing thrusts and random hits that are truly an SM experience.I realised that this was exactly my thing, and since then I’ve got more into it and narrowed down more precisely what kind of scenes I am really into.” Tom also does BDSM, piss, breath play, dog play and sounding.Trauma, such as a kick in the groin, may be the reason in some of these men.

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They all speak similar languages but some more specific to the immediate tribe.

It is scary to notice blood in your semen (ejaculate).